Can you hear?


There’s room,
I am there, right at the corner..

My ears could hear murmuring..
prefers to ignore…

I know this won’t be easy…
One day ,
My heart will tear..
bleed until it’s no more…

One day,
You’ll be there,
right beside me…
waiting to see my coffin close…
Your eyes will shed tears..
And my days of suffering end..

Till then ,
What should I do?
I am tired,
I can’t hold it more..
It’s growing,
will not stop…
Until I breathe my last..

I wonder if this heart
could connect yours
And tell you what I feel …

My heart cry…
Can you hear?
Are you there?



I will lock you in heart,
let nobody know…

I give all my love to you,
until nothing left..

Let me pamper you,
make you feel like a child..
And let nobody know..

Let Nobody be you…..

I am okay

I say I am okay …
And I did say to end our relation..
But those are just my words..
My heart still beats for you…

I know, you know it too..
you feel what I feel…
And you ask me “why”
but I remain quiet..,
making you more anger..

My love,
world around me
is something that I cannot describe..
All my heart knows is I love you..
My life without you is like
sea without breeze…

I don’t know,
what to do…
What do I do with my heart..
It sobs all day thinking about you..
I can’t help it…

Every time I try to forget you,
more I think about you…
It’s been routine and
One day it will become my habit..

Are you hearing me?
Do you still love me like I do?

by hitha

Don’t hurt me…

Sorry, it’s my fault…
It’s my fault that I am dumb…
Dumb to understand that money
is all you care..

Punish me…
Because I always fail to know,
that i wasn’t in your priority list..
Wasn’t anywhere in loving schedule..

Abandon me…
I can’t resist your hatred anymore…
Send me anywhere where I get love…
where there is peace,

Take my kingdom,
In return,
Show me little kindness..
That’s all I need.

Hate me,
Push me..but…
don’t hurt me..

by hitha

Good bye my love…

I know you were there,
watching me crying,
nobody came
to handle my broken heart…
And you were nobody…

I know you were there,
watching me dying,
But you dint give me
your love for which
I was starving…

Like a shadow,
you were there..
Day and night
But escaped when I looked back…

Evil inside you,
burning my mind,
every minute seconds,
Yet my heart still beating for you..

Isn’t it funny
that i still love you,
while you walk like
I am invisible ..

My love,
I once had a dream,
to be with you,
and make your tears turn into
sparkling smiles of your lips..

My tears never meant to you
My efforts couldn’t stop you from moving away…

Here I am…
with my heart bleeding every night,
All it wanna say is-
“Goodbye my love”
My eyes can’t take more tears…
I can’t let my heart die…